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IMG 0192 smallCedar Savers provides log cabin repair and restoration services.  We also provide cedar home restoration.  Our custom blend of hand selected oils and resins are shown to extend the life of cedar homes substantially. We seek to provide fast service at affordable prices, and can help you save money on more costly repairs or replacements in the future. By working efficiently as a small team, we can handle cedar home restoration and repair projects of all sizes. Contact us for a free estimate right away.

Many log cabin homes have been built over the centuries. Traditionally, these were constructed with whatever materials where most viable within the region the home was constructed in. Local trees were cut down and stacked to create secure walls and warm shelter. Today, cedar is the most popular choice for log cabin homes, regardless of the location. This is because of the outstanding properties that cedar provides.

If your cedar home is looking a bit dreary, Cedar Savers offers cedar log cabin restoration. This is one of the most exciting kinds of projects we are involved in, because the results are very pronounced and dramatic. You will love the appearance of your restored log cabin home.

Cedar is known for its longevity, strength, and natural beauty. These woods are usually grown in a domesticated fashion and harvested with utmost environmental responsibility. It’s the natural elegance of cedar which has earned its reputation as the most common wood used in log home and log building construction. With proper maintenance and care, cedar log cabin homes can last a lifetime - and much longer.

However, even a great wood like cedar will wear over time. If you have any damaged cedar on your home or building, then it’s time to call Cedar Savers. We can take a look and tell you about the causes of the problems you are facing. We will share our ideas for solutions and estimate the costs of repair with accuracy.

Whether you have damaged wood or if you are simply interested in preserving the wood that is on your home, Cedar Savers can get the job done. Contact Cedar Savers today.


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